1) 3 to 12 months from the date of entry price. The entry price for general registration is non-refundable, as this price is for the website of the organization.

Service charge / form / car rental of Ghatak Mahashay is also charged in telephone sector. The relationship will start showing in 15-45 days from the day of entry. The value of entry price is up to 1 year. In our marriage institution only unmarried / divorced / widowed / widowed (with / without issue) brides and grooms are arranged and we are given two types of services one special service (Ghatak + website + search news) and one general entry (Ghatak service not available). -Mail / WhatsApp service).

2) Remember not to hide if you have any relationship with the past / present.

3) If there is any problem in any part of the body, if there is any problem of anger in any part of the body including weakness / operation or if it is not able to conceive a child.

Also, do not conceal the case in the name of the bride / groom in the case of marriage or any other case (before / now) and legal barriers to marriage

This organization reserves the right to unilaterally cancel the form if any confidential information is withheld.

4) You have to give the photo / identity card of the bride / groom, if you are getting married, get married by registering according to the official rules. 5) Know where our organization will show the relationship of your spouse, if the relationship is temporarily broken again.

In case of marriage in any place in future, the spouse has to inform both parties (with the codename of the spouse).

6) If there is any complaint against this marriage organization, you can send complaint by mail / phone / WhatsApp, the problem will be solved in 3 days.

7) Remember that the General Registrar is not refundable even 1 Rs, only up to 50% of the Special Registration can be refunded if you can arrange the marriage in 1 year.

"Caution" (warning) "Caution".


NB: You are requested to verify the correctness of the marriage in this form without relying on the biodata. Please note, otherwise this organization is not taking any responsibility for the accuracy of the filing details in the form. (Health check-up is also recommended when choosing a spouse to protect the health of the future child / hereditary)